“- a very uplifting piece of music which transports one into the presence of God in a way that words on their own often can’t. I love the serenity and poise of the music.”

Sue Field, Chaplain to HR Elizabeth II
Church of England

“Natalie is a passionate, creative musician whose wish is to share her love of music with the whole community. This generous, all inclusive approach embraces everyone, young and old alike. Her performances are like her, warm and entertaining – and not to be missed!”

-Christine Pendrill, English Horn, London Symphony Orchestra

“Natalie Twigg is not only a gifted oboe player, but has been able to use her talents in music that is both meaningful and captivating. It is original without being difficult to understand, and the performances are always of the highest standard. I look forward to hearing the results of her newest project.”

-Gordon Hunt, International soloist, principal oboe, Philharmonia Orchestra and London Chamber Orchestra


-David Freisen, bass player

“Magical and Imaginative”

-Emily Pailthorpe, international oboe soloist

“It’s so heartwarming to me to hear what you are doing. These acts of kindness go a long way in today’s world.”

-Louise Pascale, author of Qu Qu QU Barg-e-Chinaar, Children’s songs from Afghanistan

“The idea of including a variety songs from different countries, which I’ll admit I struggled with when I had simply read about it, I think really works because you have chosen songs for their musical and poetic value and because you have responded warmly and musically to them. The narrative is maintained in a way I didn’t think possible: it’s a charming story with a life of its own and certainly not just a vehicle for linking the musical material.”

-Peter Easton, Music Co-ordinator, Holywell School, Loughborough, England

“What a wonderful, fun event that covers so many interesting styles and cultures congratulations to you on this huge success! I am sure it will be well received wherever you produce it. The singers sound great and the band is very tight. Love Caldera, well done, nicely sung, and what fun ~ good use of the “party” element within the journey.”

-Jerry Leake, World Percussionist/Composer, Associate Professor, Berklee College of Music

“She is a right old bossy boots”

-Natalie’s Mum, of Natalie aged 7