The Gallery: Lady Bathing on a Rooftop (painting #1)

Lady Bathing on a Rooftop
Lady Bathing on a Rooftop
by Todd Alexander

NEW!!! from The Gallery Series comes this beautiful audio delight… 

“The Lady Bathing on a Rooftop” and “Asking the Shepherd”  their stories and music woven back to back within this gorgeous musical narrative.

Rehearsal Peeks

Episode 1: The camera pans back from the bathtub and we see that the lady is looking at a large tiled chessboard…
Episode 2
Working on a part of another piece for this project.
Another snippet of a piece from painting #1
Working on a piece with my niece Sophie. I wrote a lullaby for Sophie when she was born and now she is expecting her first baby, a girl, and together we made a lullaby for her.. this is a rough idea … please excuse the “mistakes” !
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