Affectionately nicknamed by Natalie as her Cantata Dulce Latte, her playful reply to Bach’s Coffee Cantata, “Redemption” is essentially Natalie’s music set within her narrated story. The story is centered around a church service and involves all kinds of fun and intriguing characters with a twist.

“Redemption” is performed by Natalie on piano with her vocals, making a beautiful 2nd half to her “Cathedral Whispers”. It is approximately 50 minutes in length. Below are some audio samples from “Redemption” that Natalie arranged for her jazz fusion ensemble.

A little description of “Redemption”.
The opening of “Redemption” am I having too much fun? 🙂
The Ivy Button snippet from “Redemption” … she is a bit of a character….

“Natalie’s vivid musical imagination is matched by her dramatic performance…a triumph of creativity, humor and musicianship.”

Pamela Castrey, Director of Music, Stilwell United Methodist Church,
Stilwell, Kansas

“‘Redemption’ is a witty romp, while at the same time communicating true depth of feeling. Natalie’s consummate musicianship is as evident in the writing as in the performing.”

Rick Deasley, Director of Worship Life, Atonement Lutheran Church,
Overland Park, Kansas

“Our evening with Natalie Twigg was magical. Her vivid imagination as it played out before us, kept us all spellbound. We left feeling refreshed, touched and inspired.”

Cheri E Edwards,
Weston, Missouri

“Stunning…. Natalie’s compositions have a unique charm and etheral quality which touches the soul.”

Hilary Robinson, Radio Producer
BBC Radio 2

“Beautiful, sweet, poignant, tender, and fun! So refreshing and original. I love it!”

Chris DuPre writer, pastor, speaker

“Nice to find some uplifting music that not only carries a narrative but pleases the ear…. Complex enough not to have an audience lose interest and speaking a musical vocabulary that will reach all levels of the worshipping and concert going community”

Anthony G. Morris
agm digital arts GmbH