The Gallery

Set in a theatre with twelve pieces of artwork taking centre stage: lights flicker, a lady bathing on a rooftop falls from her painting; a lyrical journey of searching and renewal begins...

~ from The Gallery

A project seven years in the making leaps onto the page as musician/composer Natalie Twigg brings us a poignant story that weaves within her evocative music.

With painter Todd Alexander they created the twelve pieces of artwork; a powerful collaboration between audio and visual artists.

The premiere performance of The Gallery took place on the 26th of October, 2018 in Atlanta, Georgia. Whilst telling the story and playing the piano, Natalie was joined by the singing voices of The Gallery Children as the concert realisation of this enchanting work drew to a close.

The Gallery by Natalie Twigg

A year later, look what she's reading!

The Gallery by Natalie Twigg

Photo by Shawn Vinson

Natalie brings us a poignantly beautiful story of searching and renewal, as layer upon layer of the tale weaves within her evocative music. It's set in a theatre with twelve pieces of artwork taking centre stage, Natalie's friend and highly acclaimed artist, Todd Alexander, has created these twelve pieces of mellifluous artwork making a powerful audio and visual collaboration.

Creating The Gallery

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Field trip to Susan Hayword's grave site

As The Gallery is inspired by the biblical character, Bathsheba, it seemed fitting to visit the nearby grave of Susan Hayward who played the starring role alongside Gregory Peck in the 1951 most popular movie of the year, David and Bathsheba.

Working on children's costumes

Natalie and Todd working on The Gallery

Details of The Gallery paintings by Todd Alexander.

Illustrations by Alvaro Sanchez

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