The Sanctuary of Sound

The Sanctuary of Sound

In this busy crazy world around us, a need to quieten, relax and simply be seems needed. I have thought of The Sanctuary of Sound for a place for people to come as they are, to simply enter a quiet space of candlelight and improvised music. Feel free to make yourself at home, if you may like to, bring a cushion, blanket or pillow. There is no applause, simply join me as I play in a beautiful, peaceful space.


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As we develop this page, just to give you a little idea, here are some of Natalie's oboe improvisations. Just add imaginary candlelight ;)

Convento Capuchinas
Antiqua, Guatemala
March, 2017

Iona Abbey
Isle of Iona, Scotland
June, 2016

Illustrations by Alvaro Sanchez

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