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Natalie Twigg: Theme from Snow Angel

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Theme from Snow Angel

Natalie Twigg
with the Holywell School Choir
directed by Peter Easton

  1. Theme from Snow Angel
Natalie Twigg: Christmas Jazz

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Christmas Jazz

Natalie Twigg
Jamie Stewardson, Greg Lough

  1. In A Bleak Midwinter
  2. It Came Upon a Midnight Clear
  3. The Sugar Plum (arr. Jamie Stewardson)
  4. We Three Kings
Healing Suite

Healing Suite

Dean Evenson, Tom Barabas,
Natalie Twigg

  1. Smooth Glide
  2. Sweet Light
  3. Big Love Story
  4. Dream Space
  5. Inner Vista
  6. Slow and Easy
  7. Gentle Wind
  8. Graceful Sky
  9. Sacred Surrender

Natalie is so thrilled to be working with Dean Evenson and Tom Barabas on this CD. "It felt to me like musically going home" -NT

Aurora Consort: Twelve Years in October

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Twelve Years in October

Aurora Consort

  1. Prelude for Mother's Day
  2. Nattitude
  3. Baile de Duendecillo
  4. Mokave
  5. Nostalgia D'Abruzzo
  6. Water to Wine
  7. Redemption
  8. Aurora
  9. Making Sense
  10. Opening
  11. Twelve Years in October
  12. Secret Track
Natalie Twigg: Sea Whispers

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Sea Whispers

Natalie Twigg

  1. Morning’s Catch
  2. Ballade of the Driftwood
  3. Mermaid Tears
  4. Tales of the Barnacle
  5. Sea Whispers
  6. Homesick
  7. Fair Forcast
  8. Songs fo the Sandpiper
  9. Forgotten Sandcastles
  10. Moon Pieces
  11. Marlbehead Murmurs
  12. Midsummer Dreaming
Natalie Twigg: Oboedacious!

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Natalie Twigg

  1. Main Street
  2. The Eagles Whistle
  3. You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To
Natalie Twigg: Sanctuary of Sound

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Sanctuary of Sound

Natalie Twigg

  1. The Prelude for Mother's Day
  2. Attitude Beatitude
  3. Blessed Is She
  4. The Alchemy of Love
  5. 4 1/2ish for 7 1/2ish
  6. Our Father
  7. Water 2 Wine
  8. My Cup
  9. Rise Up
  10. Redemption
  11. Snow Angel
  12. Blue Pink
  13. Making Sense
  14. Bread and Wine
  15. Mad Cats and English Women
Natalie Twigg: Lullabies for the Miracles of Life

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Lullabies for the Miracles of Life

Natalie Twigg

  1. A Time to Sleep
  2. Catnap One
  3. All Tucked Up
  4. Catnap Two
  5. Before I Lay Me Down To Sleep
  6. Teddy Bear
  7. Doggy Doze
  8. Sunset Dance
  9. Counting Sheep
  10. Tiny's Catnap
  11. Lavender Moon
  12. Shining Star
  13. Angel's Watch
  14. Sweet Dreams
  15. Sound Asleep
  16. Snow Angel

Illustrations by Alvaro Sanchez

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